Adjusting for COVID-19

The world is currently dealing with devastating effects of pandemic. Majority of the international development aid functions are largely put in halt, as travel bans and quarantining are causing disturbance to all projects worldwide and distracting their operations.

At Maininki – as a consultation company with 20 years´ of expertise in Land and Environmental Law Consulting – we have established concrete adjusting strategies to prevailing challenging situation.

The customary working model for development cooperation projects has required presence in the countries of destination of projects, and remote working methods or practices have broadly not been used. Our COVID-19 Impact Analysis showed that there are many open questions related to remote work in international land law projects. There are significant uncertainties and risks associated with working remotely, which would make it practically impossible to carry out remote work.

The outcome of this analysis was the creation of an innovative Remote Working Model that answers most open questions. The new approach and the use of digital working methods enables the provision of expert services during the pandemic and allows us to react proactively to changing conditions.

Our Remote Working Model consists of
• Reorganization of project work during COVID-19 pandemic.
• Development of innovative and effective operating model of remote working, including the remote work template and tool kit.
• Implementation of novel services and products to development cooperation projects through digital tools and remote working methods.
• Evaluating future projects, and in the short term, plan their implementation in the event of disruptions and changes in circumstances.
• Creating new standards for project management – including contract issues, invoicing, time tracking and reporting.

We feel confident to introduce this new working approach that is integrated in company´s working practices and already applied in practice.

We believe that the use of remote services allows us to expand the company’s customer base and enables implementing future projects in a cost-effective manner.

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